Planetensuche Downloads  

Planetensuche Downloads

Updates are automaticly downloaded and installed over the update function in program. Please read for more information the handbook.

Planetensuche needs Java as runtime environment. Please make sure that Java 11 is installed.


full version 6.0

This is the full version with all features and pictures.

download zip, 271 MB

Basisversion 5.10

This is the basic version with only some pictures.

download zip, 87 MB

at the first run under MS windows:
1. execute the "windows-install.bat" (or double clicked on planetensuche.jar) and make some settings
2. the "windows-start.bat" runs the program (or double clicked on planetensuche.jar)

notes for Windows Vista users:
Please copy the Planetensuche folder under c:\Users\\ if the program can run correctly. In another case you see an error message, that the log file can't created (no write permissons for folder exists) or that the planetensuche.jar can't executed (rights/environment variables). For antoher Windows versions and another OS are no limitations (or I don't know about).

notes for Linux users:
- after unzip of zip file please change permissons with chmod +x+w -R [planetensuche folder] that all files are writeable and executeable
- after them run the "" (then same doings under Windows); if message "unable to access jar file" occur please execute manual with java -jar planetensuche.jar
- under Ubuntu you must the .sh files to marking as executable (file properties -> access rights)

notes for open the zip file under Windows XP
- click right on the file
- choose "all extracting..." and click on next
- choose the folder (e.g. C:\programs\Planetensuche) and click on next
- then change into folder and execute the program how is it descripted some lines over this


older versions

full version 5.21

download zip, 0 MB

Basisversion 5.09

download zip, 0 MB


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