General details

Minimal system requirements:

Processor:dual core
Main memory:512 MB
Hard disc:400 MB
Operating system:Windows, Mac OS or Linux
Other:actually JRE 1.8, Internet access for updates

System requirements after the import of the Henry-Draper catalog:

Processor:dual core @ 3,0 GHz
Main memory:600 MB free of RAM for 32 Bit OS (and 1,4 GB for 64Bit OS)
Hard disc:600 MB

The coordinates (RA and DECL) from objects (stars, galaxies, ...) are from year 2000, if no other information given. This coordinates can till to year 2020 differ till to 0.3°. Stars with high proper motion maybe more information's into the notes.

The distances (and because of this also the absolute brightness) from objects with a distance of more of 5000 ly can only give a roughly of the true distance. Great differences between Planetensuche and other programs or values from the Internet (for example are possible.

The XML format
The XML files from Planetensuche are suitable to show into a browser. The most browsers can view an XML file. But if you export many objects into an XML file, it need a lot of time to open it and many RAM needed. For example to show an XML file with all Planetensuche objects, you need over then 200 MB of RAM!

I can't exclude that still contains bugs or translation mistakes. If you find a bug or other mistakes please send me an E-Mail with a description about the error (automatic with the bug report module).