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The history about the exoplanet hunt

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YearEvent / Linkadditional information
2019Nobel prize for exoplanet hunters Mayor & Queloz51 Pegasi b
2018first exoplanet discovered with TESS space telescopeHD 1397 b: Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS), L.D. Nielsen
2017Earth-sized planet in habitable zone discoveredKIC 6444896 b: Kepler Space Telescope
2016the first large-scale demonstration of a fully automated transiting planet validation procedureTimothy D. Morton
2016exoplanet around the nearest star discoveredProxima Centauri b: Guillem Anglada-Escude
2012first exoplanet discovered by an amateur astronomerKIC 4862625 A b: Planet Hunters project (Zooniverse), Kepler Space Telescope, Peter McCullough, Guillaume Hebrard, M. E. Schwamb, Jeff A. Valenti, Magali Deleuil, Rodrigo Diaz, Veselin B. Kostov, Tobias Hinse, Zlatan Tsvetanov
2011NASA's Exoplanet archiv established
2011first Earth-sized exoplanetKIC 6850504 f: Kepler Space Telescope, Geoffrey W. Marcy, Andrew W. Howard, J. Rowe, Guillermo Torres, David Charbonneau, David W. Latham, Steve B. Howell, Stephen T. Bryson, Francois Fressin
2007first exoplanet discovered with Corot space telescopeCoRoT-1 b: Corot Scientific Committee, CoRoT Telescope, Didier Queloz, A. Hatzes, Tsevi Mazeh, Guillaume Hebrard, J. Schneider, C. Moutou, F. Pont, M. Gillon, P. Barge, A. Baglin, M. Auvergne
2006first exoplanet discovered with Kepler space telescopeKIC 11446443 b: TrES Project, Kepler Space Telescope, Edward W. Dunham, G. Mandushev, F. T. O'Donovan, A. Sozzetti, Guillermo Torres, David Charbonneau, David W. Latham
2004first microlensing exoplanetMOA-2003-BLG-053L b: OGLE Project, MOA Project, A. Udalski, I. Bond, M. Jaroszynski, N. Rattenbury
2003first discovered exoplanet with direct imaging methodBeta Pictoris b: Geneva Extrasolar Planet Search, A.-M. Lagrange, Michel Mayor, Stephane Udry, Francesco Pepe, F. Galland, Jean-Luc Beuzit, A. Chelli
2002first version of program "Planetensuche" developed, inspired by a science article "The search for a second Earth" in bild der wissenschaft (a German magazine) 5/2000
2002first transit exoplanetOGLE-TR-56 b: OGLE Project, M. Konacki, A. Udalski established
1995first discovered exoplanet around a sun-like star51 Pegasi b: Geneva Extrasolar Planet Search, Michel Mayor, Didier Queloz
1989first discovered exoplanet and first one in a double star systemHD 114762 b: Geneva Extrasolar Planet Search, Michel Mayor, Tsevi Mazeh, David W. Latham

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